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Change….   As I look inward at my politics, my motivations, my past and my future, the one constant is that change is a part of all of it. Some change is inevitable, beyond my control. Some change is by design. We all find reasons and ways to change as we grow and mature and that is a healthy part of becoming an adult and learning as we grow.

Still….  Not all change is good or manageable. As I look around and see “changes” in society I know on a gut level that some of these changes are not healthy nor are they good for me, my family nor my country.  Changes are not isolated events, they are often subtle and when looked at individually may not seem to be a huge issue. But when I look at multiple things changing I see patterns evolving whose consequences do not bode well for our future and our freedoms and our way of life.

Freedoms….  Too many of us spend little or no time thinking about and appreciating what freedom really means. The liberty freedom affords us and the responsibility that comes with recognizing and defending those freedoms. It seems like we would all pay attention to our freedoms and safeguard them at all costs but that really isn’t human nature. We tend to take things for granted, accept the status quo.  Not notice that the pot we are in is beginning to heat up…..

I started this site for the sole purpose of sharing my views on ideas and topics from my perspective.  Perhaps I live in a small world but most people I know and talk to feel as I do so how is it that so much is changing in such a short time? Are we seeing the “Fundamental Change in America” that we were promised not so long ago???  A shift away from seeing ourselves in the light of “Exceptionalism” to something more “Mediocre”, something with less promise and opportunity than every generation before us strove to build and maintain for our children???